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Moto3 Qatar Qualifying: Darryn Binder takes pole destroying the lap record - Everything Moto Racing

Moto3 Qatar Qualifying: Darryn Binder takes pole destroying the lap record

Darryn Binder takes his second pole position in Moto3 in an unbelievable qualifying session.

Moto3, Moto3, Moto3.. Anyone who skips this class is missing out on some SERIOUS racing! What an unbelievable qualifying session we just saw with a tactical masterclass from Darryn Binder who destroyed the Moto3 lap record by half a second!

In Q1 Darryn Binder played an absolute masterclass as the field were waiting for him to leave the pits to get a tow, Binder pretended to get ready and put his helmet on with his team rolling the bike out the front of the garage, in actual fact, he had no plans to go out on track but it made the rest of the riders get out and exit the pits onto the track.

The typical Moto3 manner of trying to get a tow from a faster rider [Binder] failed these riders this time around as they met the chequered flag as they were completing their out-lap causing Tatsuki Suzuki to start tomorrow in last place not even setting a lap time.

In the Q2 session, Binder slapped down his authority barging his way through the field in typical ‘Divebomb’ style taking the all-time lap record in the class with a 2:04.075 finishing 0.203 ahead of rookie sensation Izan Guevara. We all expected Guevara to be fast but wow! The Spaniard comes into the class lapping nearly 0.300 under the previous lap record held by Aron Canet to take P2 to start his first ever Moto3 World Championship race from second place overall which is not to be taken lightly.

The Petronas Moto3 boys had a fantastic session with John McPhee taking third place in qualifying, the Scotsman has previously mentioned how strong he feels this year and he knows he can take the title this year, his problem is the other 20+ riders who can also take the title this year.

Kickstarting his second Moto3 season after taking the rookie of the year title in 2020 is Jeremy Alcoba, the Spanish rider was able to take P4 overall starting at the head of the second row, he is joined by Jaume Masia who is the last rider underneath the previous lap record held by Canet, joining the duo on the second row is Kaito Toba who was the 2019 race winner here, he will be hoping to improve on his form in the late part of the 2020 season.

Row 3 saw Moto3 veteran Gabriel Rodrigo take the P7 place on the grid ahead of the Gas Gas of Sergio Garcia who is also showing some speed on the bright red Aspar machine, he is doing well but was already out-qualified by his rookie teammate so will instantly be starting on the back foot this year in the fight to be the #1 rider in the team, joining the duo is the rather underrated Riccardo Rossi, a rider who has been off the radar for many yet is always there when you want him to be, keep an eye on him this year.

Niccolo Antonelli was the 10th fastest rider in row 4 as Pedro Acosta kicks off his Moto3 career in P11 which is a great start for the 2020 Red Bull Rookies champion, joining the duo is Jason Dupasquier who takes his best Moto3 qualifying yet in P12, his first time in Q2.

Full Q2 results:

Full Q1 results:

Featured image – Petronas SRT