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WorldSBK Most Superpole Race: Toprak Razgatlıoğlu takes another victory - Everything Moto Racing

WorldSBK Most Superpole Race: Toprak Razgatlıoğlu takes another victory

Toprak Razgatlıoğlu has won again at the Most circuit fending off Rea.

Once again Toprak Razgatlıoğlu has been able to back up the consistent praise he is getting for his racing, racing incredibly maturely, calculated and most importantly, fast! We’ve seen Jonathan Rea be forced into yet another mistake at the hands of the Turk, exiting stage left mid-race down a side road to avoid another crash which ruined his chances of a win yesterday.

The 10 lap thriller began as expected with Toprak taking an early lead in the race with Rea in tow. Not wanting his competitor to gain an early lead and win the race, Rea would apply consistent pressure to Toprak with attempted overtakes remaining within half a second of the Yamaha throughout the race, unfortunately for the six-time world champion Toprak’s speed would prove too much and Rea would make another mistake trying to stay with Razgatlıoğlu, running off track and going via a slip road to return to the race, still in second place ahead of Scott Redding.

For Redding it was a stroke of luck, Redding had fairly recently gotten past Andrea Locatelli for third place and found himself in a prime opportunity to snag second place with Rea just ahead of him. After some laps following in the tail of the Kawasaki Redding would fire his way through to take second place with just one lap to go demoting Rea further down to third meaning the title lead now falls to only seven points.

In fourth place we saw Andrea Locatelli who pulled off another really strong race following two podiums in Assen and Most, unfortunately, today Redding was too strong stopping Locatelli from taking his third consectutive podium however another strong race from the Italian raises his profile even further within Yamaha, finishing ahead of Tom Sykes and Garrett Gerloff who came home in a solid sixth place as the fastest independent rider.

Alex Lowes came home in a solid P7 ahead of rookie sensation Axel Bassani in P8, Bassani finishing ahead of the rider Michael Ruben Rinaldi with some rumours of Bassani being considered by Ducati for the factory team next year, he continues to showcase his skills as an independent rider.

Michael van der Mark took home P11 ahead of Marvin Fritz who is massively impressive.

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Featured image – Yamaha