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Moto3 Qatar FP3: Sergia Garcia goes top as Toba leads overall - Everything Moto Racing

Moto3 Qatar FP3: Sergia Garcia goes top as Toba leads overall

Sergio Garcia comes close to his overall time as he takes P1 in FP3.

Moto3 rider Sergio Garcia has made his intentions known in Moto3 as he leads the FP3 session by nearly half a second, putting 0.487 between him and Andrea Migno as the times tumbled down in the closing minutes of the session as the lightweight riders scramble to put in a time worthy of getting into the Q2 session. Unfortunately for the class the riders aiming to improve their time were unable to do so with only Garcia under the 2:05.388 time they needed to beat to gain a Q2 slot meaning as it stands we will be seeing names such as Darryn Binder, Romano Fenati, Tatsuki Suzuki and Filip Salac putting their all in to get out of Q1.

Tatsuki Suzuki finished FP3 in the P3 spot after missing the entirety of the Moto3 pre-season following a positive COVID-19 diagnosis forced him out of riding and is now playing catch up on the rest of the class, he finished ahead of rookie Izan Guevara in P4, the rookie held a phenomenal lead of 1.3 seconds over P2 for most of the FP3 session before the times were slashed at the end, he finished ahead of Dennis Foggia and Darryn Binder who was putting his all in to get out of Q1 however was unable to muster up a time worthy of improving his times from Friday.

Jaume Masia is a rider many have tipped for the win in Qatar, he set a time that was 0.300 faster than Aron Canet’s lap record during testing meaning it would be smart to put your money on him for pole position today providing the track conditions are up to the standard required, his rookie teammate finished behind him in P9 with the duo sandwiching Xavier Artigas in between them, Artigas and Acosta have a history together last year as the duo went head to head fighting for the FIM Moto3 Junior World Championship.

Ryusei Yamanaka makes the change to KTM this year and has impressed many so far, he finished P10 overall in FP3 and will be going via Q1 later on today, further down the order we can see John McPhee in P15 not worrying too much knowing he has a Q2 spot already locked in. Another rider going into Q2 is Jason Dupasquier who was unable to score a point all season long last year but has found his speed this year and the young Swiss is looking to take some top 10 finishes.

Full FP3 results:

Combined times:

Featured image – Aspar Team