MotoGP Portimao Test: Valentino Rossi: “It’s very sweet to ride and I like the track”

Valentino Rossi has expressed his enjoyment of the Portimao track, commonly referred to as a rollercoaster.

Portimao will be the 36th different track which Valentino Rossi has raced at since his 1996 125cc debut, however, Portimao is very unique compared to the others, the track has a lot of changes to height with some very steep corners which go up and down like a rollercoaster.

From an outside view, the track seems to be quite hard to ride, but to Rossi’s surprise and happiness, it was not as bad as expected, “It is a great track, I like it a lot because the television it looks very tricky but in real life it is good, it’s better. Also today we have good conditions, it’s the perfect day for motorcycle racing,” said The Doctor about the track.

“We enjoyed a lot, the track is difficult and technical and you have 3/4 points where it’s quite scary as there are big jumps,” which we have seen, there are many photos of riders with the front wheel in the air going over a jump and even a few of riders with both wheels off of the ground.

“It’s very sweet to ride and I like the track. With a MotoGP bike, it’ll be harder as we can go faster and the speed is higher, for sure in the 3/4 hard points [on track] it will be hard to stay on the ground on the MotoGP bike.”

Featured image – www.motogp.com

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