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MotoGP Portimao Test: The riders love the track - Everything Moto Racing

MotoGP Portimao Test: The riders love the track

The full-time MotoGP riders took a ride on the Portimao rollercoaster on stock bikes, in short, they loved it.

Portimao is a track famous for its undulations, built into the shape of its surrounding hills, the track goes up and down like a rollercoaster, which is a common comment from riders who ride this track.

The track will host MotoGP and F1 this season and has been resurfaced to be able to do so, providing extra grip and getting the Portuguese track firmly on the map once again.

A selection of MotoGP riders joined the test riders on track to get a taste of what the track is like, riding stock bikes of their manufacturer, aside from the KTM riders who rode either R1’s or Honda’s.

The comments from riders were very positive with them enjoying the track and looking forward to racing here.

Maverick Vinales

It’s a very enjoyable track, I enjoyed it a lot. The track looks amazing, there are parts where we need to improve but I like it a lot it’s very fun to ride and it will be amazing with the MotoGP bike.

The last corner is amazing, I love it, I expected the track to be bigger but I love it.

Aleix Espargaro

Portimao is very special track, it’s a rollercoaster. It is very physically and mentally demanding on a MotoGP bike, you have to be focused, not an easy track and one of the hardest I’ve ever ridden on a MotoGP bike.

You cannot see the end of some of the corners with very hard braking and tricky lines, it will make races very fun.

Jack Miller

I see why they say it’s a rollercoaster, there’s not a corner that isn’t blind. It was very important to come here and was very fun on the superbike

Pol Espargaro

It’s been a pretty good day, we are not used to the track, it’s like a rollercoaster. It will be interesting in the race weekend, it is very extreme, some riders will struggle and some will enjoy a lot. I really like it.

Johann Zarco

Great track, we expected good grip and it is with the new asphalt. The corners and up and down is pretty good, it will be interesting with the MotoGP bike as we cannot use all the power of the bike. It is a big track but with all the changing of the track it is quite fun.

Fingers crossed MotoGP can have a successful race weekend in Portugal and the track can be added to the roster full time.

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