MotoGP: Moto3: Jaume Masia to Red Bull KTM Ajo

After being replaced by Xavier Artigas at Leopard, Jaume Masia will move to Red Bull KTM.

Jaume Masia will ride for the Red Bull Ajo KTM Moto3 team for 2021, a team which is the ‘factory’ KTM Moto3 team and has won multiple world championships.

Masia will join Raul Fernandez who remains at the team, replacing Kaito Toba who has struggled to adapt to the KTM, whilst Masia has struggled on the Leopard Honda.

Jaume Masia 
“Being part of Red Bull KTM Ajo is a great chance in terms of growth. Having people like Aki Ajo and KTM by my side is a remarkable source of support and, above all, a very good opportunity to develop as a rider. In terms of objectives, I think that being among the Top 3 is a realistic and achievable goal, but we will only know when next season starts and we can see where we are. It will be important to feel comfortable with the bike from the start in order to achieve great things that befit our team. I can’t wait to start working with all of them, and for this to be reflected in the results.”

Featured image – Red Bull KTM Ajo

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