Moto3 Mugello FP3: Andrea Migno heads the FP3 session

Italian Andrea Migno leads the way this morning in the Moto3 session.

The times in the FP3 session dropped even further than we have seen this weekend already as the Moto3 riders scramble to get a spot in the Q2 session later today meaning they don’t have to spend extra time battling in Q1, for many riders they were unable to do this and will be going via Q1, this includes Adrian Fernandez, Xavier Artigas, Niccolo Antonelli and even championship leader Pedro Acosta. As much as it’s not good to qualify down low, this is Moto3 at Mugello, any rider on that grid has a chance of winning on Sunday given that we often see a close-knit freight train in the class of 25+ riders.

Andrea Migno was the fastest rider in the FP3 session and finishes up in P1 overall leading Jaume Masia then Gabriel Rodrigo. We are desperate to see a result from Rodrigo but it seems every time we get our hopes up he crashes out of P1, hopefully finally he can put in that extra 10% and win this weekend.

In P4 we see last time winner Sergio Garcia, the Spanish Gas Gas rider took a shock win last time out in Le Mans in tricky conditions and is clearly living off these highs doing incredibly well, Jason Dupasquier is massively impressing us this year, he took his first points this year and every race is pushing on and on and took P5 in this mornings session, a 2022 move to a title fighting team is definitely on the cards for the Swiss rider. He leads Jeremy Alcoba who has gotten himself to the front after languishing around the bottom half of the grid for the past few weeks.

In P8 there is another rider we are expecting to take a podium, Stefano Nepa has a lot of experience at Mugello and hasn’t been given a great chance yet to prove his worth but after seeing his teammate take his first podium last weekend we could be seeing Nepa take the spot.

Rounding off the top 10 were John McPhee and Romano Fenati.

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