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Moto3 Assen FP3: Dennis Foggia leads into qualifying - Everything Moto Racing

Moto3 Assen FP3: Dennis Foggia leads into qualifying

Dennis Foggia was the quickest rider in the FP3 Moto3 session.

Dennis Foggia lead the FP3 Moto3 session which was marred by a massive crash at the last corner with four riders going down, two of these riders were not even in contention for a lap time as they had met the chequered flag on the lap previous thanks to bad time management by the Moto3 teams, again. We had multiple riders pushing incredibly hard despite not being in contention which caused this massive pile up, thankfully all riders involved walked away.

Foggia led the session overall ahead of Romano Fenati who has been penalised with a double long lap penalty for ‘violent misconduct’ in the pitlane, cannot ever imagine Fenati being violent…

Sergio Garcia finished up in third place, once again we have seen two riders gap third place by a big margin with Garcia 0.401 seconds behind Foggia in the lead, he leads John McPhee who had a few words to say about Jeremy Alcoba once again who he battled with on his last lap trying to push further into the Q2 session, both riders were able to clear their way into Q2 trading positions going into the final sector of the lap, McPhee then used some choice words and hand gestures for Alcoba during their practice start.

Elia Bartonini proved to be a big surprise in P6, the Italian has never been to the Assen circuit and is standing in for the injured Carlos Tatay and has been putting in some solid results taking a strong P6 in FP3 which puts him 10th in the combined standings meaning he’s straight into Q2, very impressive ahead of his teammate Niccolo Antonelli in P7.

Gabriel Rodrigo rounded off the top 10 in the FP3 session ahead of Jaume Masia and Pedro Acosta, Acosta has gotten directly through into the Q2 whilst Masia has not and must go via the Q1 session, some other names who need to go via Q1 are Stefano Nepa and Xavier Artigas.

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