MotoGP: Fausto Gresini slowly improving

Fausto Gresini is showing more signs of improvement after spending nearly a month in hospital with COVID-19.

After being hospitalised with COVID-19 on 27th December, Fausto Gresini is now showing signs of improvement in the Maggiore Carlo Alberto Pizzardi Bologna hospital where he spent his 60th birthday on Saturday.

Suffering from respiratory problems and reduced lung capacity, Gresini has spent the last month in hospital requiring a ventilator to assist his breathing and blood oxygen levels, thankfully to the relief of many he is now starting to show consistent improvements.

A statement from Doctor Nicola Cilloni reads, “Fausto Gresini’s general clinical conditions are fragile, but slowly and progressively improving. He is conscious and combative. Radiological and laboratory tests also go in the same direction. He still needs to be supported by the mechanical ventilator, but blood oxygenation is progressively improving.

“He started physiotherapy to rehabilitate both breathing and muscles. He remains in critical and fragile condition with a long path of treatment, but the direction taken in recent days makes the prognosis, still reserved, more optimistic.”