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Moto3: Why 2021 Aspar signing Izan Guevara is a threat - Everything Moto Racing

Moto3: Why 2021 Aspar signing Izan Guevara is a threat

16-year old Izan Guevara is making lots of headlines in 2020 and for all the right reasons, Moto3 better watch out.

Izan Guevara is the 2020 CEV Moto3 Junior World Champion as a rookie which to many, including his team and himself comes as a huge surprise as his goal was never to win the title in his first attempt, this title follows his European Talent Cup title in 2019 just the season before.

He felt incredibly comfortable with the team right from the start and by his fourth race, he was winning and from here, he did not step off of the podium for the rest of the season, fighting off Xavier Artigas and winning the title, Artigas himself is also an extraordinary talent, taking P3 in his World Championship debut at Valencia 2019 and battling with incredible speed in 2020 to take second overall in the standings.

Guevara also beat Pedro Acosta to the title, a rider who has won nearly every single Red Bull Rookies race this year, a championship Guevara also races in but without the same success he has had in the CEV championship, largely due to the different circumstances and bike differences.

Jorge Martinez “Aspar”, the team manager of the Aspar Team commented saying that Guevara was a natural talent, he already knew of Guevara’s talent from the 2019 season, but was not expecting the success of 2020.

Guevara himself confirmed he was only supposed to fight for the top 10 and maybe score a podium, but his confidence in the team and the bike meant he was able to take the title in his first attempt before securing a full time 2021 Moto3 World Championship ride.

The young Spaniard can potentially be a huge threat to the Moto3 field, especially as he is remaining in the same team set up, therefore already knows what he can achieve in the team with the same people around him, this confidence can easily translate into great on-track performances as we have seen in 2020, he is an enormous talent and we don’t think the Moto3 field is ready for the pure speed of the rider.

He is the first rookie CEV Moto3 champion since Fabio Quartararo and we all know where Quartararo is now, only time will tell where Guevara will end up, but mark our words, you better keep your eyes on him.

Featured image – Aspar Team

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