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MotoGP Le Mans: Alex Marquez takes his first MotoGP podium - Everything Moto Racing

MotoGP Le Mans: Alex Marquez takes his first MotoGP podium

Alex Marquez received a lot of hate when he signed for Repsol Honda, at Le Mans, he proved these people wrong.

Armchair critics are rife these days, everyone putting their opinion on social media channels for everyone to see, thinking that their opinions are valid, especially when it comes to the signing of riders by HRC, who know what they are doing.

When Alex Marquez signed his one year MotoGP deal with Repsol Honda to replace Jorge Lorenzo, people weren’t pleased, stating that he does not deserve the ride due to the length of time it took him to win the Moto2 title, forgetting that he won the Moto2 title..

In what world does a Moto2 champion not deserve a MotoGP seat? Not forgetting he is also a Moto3 champion, there are not many MotoGP riders than can boast even one light or middleweight title, namely Miguel Oliveira, Fabio Quartararo, Takaaki Nakagami, Jack Miller, Alex Rins and Danilo Petrucci to name some riders, there are more riders we can add to this list.

Are these riders worthy of their rides yet a Moto2 and Moto3 World Champion isn’t?

Anyway – rant over.

Alex Marquez did the business at Le Mans, he was blisteringly fast and took Honda’s first MotoGP podium of the 2020 season, an incredible feat given the season Honda are having, Alex Marquez was the last rider expected to do such a thing, yet he did it at Le Mans.

His father Julia Marquez was a familiar sight in the pits, pulling his hair out from his skull with the nerves of his son on the eve of his first premier class podium with his brother Marc at home likely screaming at his TV.

He started the race from P18 and cut his way through the pack, picking riders off like flies, reminiscent of his brother at the first race at Jerez, passing people like it was absolutely nothing, just mere obstacles in his way.

Following the podium, Marquez said, “I feel great, I had a perfect bike and perfect tyres, I was convinced I was fast from the beginning 

Pol was coming, I needed to overtake Dovi as he was slower, I also tried to overtake Petrucci but it was too late and with the conditions,” confirming he even had pace for the race win in the later stages of the race.

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