MotoGP Misano: Full time riders test radio communications system

At the Misano test this week, many riders got to test the new radio comms system with various thoughts.

The new system will allow race direction to speak to the riders on track, allowing them to relay information across like flags, incidents and penalties amongst other things, the news has been met with praise and also negativity with some people feeling like it will make the sport more like F1. However, they are only testing the devices at the moment.

The test has been positive in many areas today but there have been some complaints from riders about the earplugs, they are not good enough to fully block out the sound of the engine which can be off-putting to riders.

Fabio Quartararo with the new ear piece

Speaking to MotoGP.com about the test, Carlos Ezpeleta said, “The test is a good opportunity to test the new radio system which we spoke to riders about in the safety commission. It was a first preliminary test to test two things, one, if the riders were able to hear messages on the earphones and two, to see if they were distracted by messages, received mid-corner or in moments of more concentration, in both cases, the results have been good for the riders we have spoken with so we are happy on this day.”

Regarding the use of the earphones, Ezpeleta confirmed that for the moment this is only for race direction to communicate with riders, with some riders wanting to talk to their teams using the systems.

“Some riders have spoken about talking with teams in the future but for now, this idea is only to send pre-recorded messages from race direction to riders. Clearly there are some things we have to improve on the new system, now it’s about listening to the riders and seeing what the future requirements are, will there be a cable or not, the size of the receivers on the suits, the earphones and how much noise they cancel on the bike. This is just a first test and we will see more in the future.”

Riders Andrea Dovizioso and Francesco Bagnaia were nice enough to offer comments about the system with title leader Dovizioso saying, “It was interesting to try, I can hear really well which positive, for sure they have to make a change because the earphone was not like you are not wearing one, the sound was not louder than the engine, I hope next year we don’t have a cable,” next year? he doesn’t have a ride for next year…

Francesco Bagnaia said, “I have to be honest, I have tried it without riding with the earplugs in and my helmet on,  in any case, I think the earphones are not good, the normal earplugs are better because of the sound of the MotoGP bikes are too loud so it is very difficult to keep concentration, but in any case, in the future, I would like to try it because it is a very important I think to make this step of communication, maybe not for the flags but maybe for the team to talk to us.” Confirming the thoughts of Ezpeleta which he has confirmed is only for race direction currently.


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