MotoGP: Jorge Lorenzo and Fabio Quartararo, different riders, similar style

Despite being different riders, it has been noted many times that Jorge Lorenzo and Fabio Quartararo are very similar on track.

Off-track, Jorge Lorenzo and Fabio Quartararo could not be any more different, Lorenzo is introverted and quiet, keeping to himself all race weekend and on the grid going about his business, but likes to party when he knows he can like winning a race, on the other hand, Quartararo is a unique personality, he always has a lot of energy, joking about in the pit box and on the grid.

Wilco Zeelenberg spoke to MotoGP.com about the pair, saying that he saw a lot of similarities between the pair, saying Lorenzo rode with ‘butter and a hammer,’ the Dutchman said, “With Jorge, he was smooth (like butter), you could not see him going fast and this is the same with Fabio, but also he [Jorge] doesn’t make mistakes, this was also very important for Jorge.

He could win the race but if he made one mistake, he was angry at himself because he wanted to be very precise, using the hammer to get the lap time low with a high pace, this is also what Fabio did at Jerez.”

This follows true with comments made by Quartararo to Speedweek.com about the Yamaha MotoGP bike when he first rode it saying, “It’s hard to explain, but you have to ride aggressively with the Yamaha MotoGP bike, but you also have to ride smoothly. It fits my natural riding style. But when I made my fast laps maybe I was too aggressive and less gentle. It’s hard to say what I’m missing, I’m still improving every stint.

I looked a lot at Jorge Lorenzo, he seemed to be very smooth while riding. I really think that is exactly the way to ride a motorcycle. I learned that with MotoGP you have to pay attention to the rear tires and how to manage the wear. This helps me a lot.”

It has been proven by Quartararo on track that he takes after Lorenzo with many commenting on how smooth Quartararo is on the brakes, going through corners effortlessly, looking like he was going slow, the same way Lorenzo did.

We may have ourselves a Jorge Lorenzo V2 on our hands, even if Quartararo is even half as successful as Lorenzo, that is a tremendous achievement.

Featured image – www.motogp.com

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