MotoGP: Will Yamaha put a stop to their braking problems at Misano?

Yamaha have struggled the last two rounds in Austria with Vinales bailing out at 140mph due to brake failure.

All of the Yamaha riders struggled at Austria, a track which is very demanding for the brakes with the speeds the bikes are hitting then slowing down to at the tight corners, this caused issues for all four Yamaha riders in race one and two with Quartararo running off track in race one as his brakes failed and Vinales having to jump off his bike in race two as they failed completely.

Yamaha and Brembo worked well together and Brembo formulated a new set of brake disks which were more heat resistant and were stronger for the second race, calling the brakes ‘Evo’ brakes, all the Yamaha riders aside from Vinales used these with Rossi saying “We are very much at the limit with the brakes, in the first race it was not fantastic but in the second race the brake was good and I don’t have a problem,” proving that the Evo brakes worked.

Vinales did not use the Evo brakes, despite being advised to do so by Brembo, thus causing his 140mph crash after his brakes disintegrated when he squeezed the lever.

Following the crash of Vinales, it is more than likely that all the Yamaha riders will be forced to use the new Evo brakes with tests being performed by Brembo during the weeks off to toughen them and stop an issue like this occurring again, the only way we are going to find out if Yamaha can put an end to their woes is at the Misano race weekend with Brembo engineers on hand to provide assistance and stronger products if required. As previously confirmed, this time, if an advisory is put out about the brakes, it will likely be mandatory.

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