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MotoGP - Marquez: "The Doctors made a mistake, but I trust them" - Everything Moto Racing

MotoGP – Marquez: “The Doctors made a mistake, but I trust them”

2020 is the first season since 2013 that we have not seen Marc Marquez fight for the title, he has been ruled out of most of the season following a crash.

Marc Marquez was injured in a crash in the season opener at Jerez, breaking his humerus. Following an operation, he returned to the track just a week later to try and race again, however pulled out of the weekend during the qualifying session. Marquez was then due to return at the Austrian Grand Prix, but following the plate in his arm snapping from ‘opening a window,’ Marquez and Honda decided to focus on recovery, ruling the champion out of the season until at least October.

The Doctors who operated on Marquez have come under a lot of criticism for letting Marquez ride, however he defended them when speaking to DAZN Espana saying, “After the first operation we followed the recommendations of the doctors, who gave me the peace of mind to be able to get back on the bike, to be able to lead a normal life, but that’s not how it went. I [will] continue to trust Dr. [Xavier] Mir and all his team, because everyone can make a mistake. I underwent a second surgery and now logically they [the doctors] are much more cautious. Time is needed for recovery. It is clear that the season is now lost, it is better to heal and come back as strong as possible when my body will allow it.” Finished Marquez, confirming that he will not fight for the 2020 MotoGP crown.

Previously, Marc Marquez said that he would not have been able to sleep if he did not try to race at Jerez following the operation, he has expanded on this saying, “I’ll give you an example: you have an operation on your leg, the doctors say you can walk without crutches and you don’t feel pain, what would you do? Would you walk on crutches even if it doesn’t hurt? I took the same risks returning at Jerez as I would have taken returning at Brno or the Red Bull Ring. A bone takes between 6 and 8 weeks to heal. It is true that only 4 days had gone by at Jerez, but it would have been 2 weeks at Brno and three at the Red Bull Ring. The bone would have been fragile anyway.”

When asked about his relationship with the doctors who worked on him and his levels of trust with them following the plate breaking, Marc was fast to defend them saying, “The plate did not hold as the doctors expected, it was a mistake [by the doctors], but in hindsight it’s easy for everyone to judge. I was the first to trust Dr. Mir when I had a second operation with him. Because he has done thousands of operations and they all went well,  something can always go wrong when you take a risk, like I did at Jerez. But I didn’t do anything different to what I’ve been doing for years and which has given me so much happiness. This time it went badly.”

Marc Marquez is hoping to return later this season once he has fully recovered 100%, it remains to be seen if he will be able to ride the same way he has done since 2013.

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