Dovizioso and Ducati, what’s in store now?

Dovizioso wins at Austria after splitting with Ducati for 2021, what happens now?

In a dramatic twist of fate after Ducati confirmed they would confirm Dovizioso’s future after the two Austrian rounds, Dovizioso confirmed on Saturday morning in Austria that he will not continue with Ducati.

This caught Ducati with their pants down as they were not expecting this, Dovizioso said that he preferred to race for the title and not think about the team he is riding for in 2021. Ducati were not expecting this announcement at all, before the announcement Ducati felt that the power was in their hands, they could see how Dovizioso is performing in the two Austrian races and if it is not up to scratch, they could let him go and sign another rider, however if Dovizioso if performing, they can offer Dovizioso a deal.

Dovizioso did not like this, he did not feel like the performances of the two races should be judged given his three runner-up medals, he would also be riding on the edge with the contract in his mind, Dovizioso commented “The only thing I can say is it is better to take the decision now and be focussed on racing instead of waiting for some other race. We’re in Austria, a good track for us. We showed a really good speed today and yesterday.

“We want to bring the maximum from these two races. It was the right decision for us to take it now. That’s it. To be relaxed in the team and really focussed for the championship, it’s not really the moment to answer a lot of questions and speak about the details of what has happened this season.”

The problem for Ducati is that they have lost their best man, they felt they had the upper hand until now, Dovizioso has been their best rider since Casey Stoner, taking fourteen wins for the Bologna factory since signing for them in 2013 along with three runners up medals, the problem for Ducati is that they want the title and do not think that Dovizioso can win them this.

Casey Stoner had the below to say:

Dovizioso has since taken a race win at Austria, showing Ducati who their best man is after fending off fellow Ducati man Jack Miller. Ducati now have a tough decision, can they risk a new rider in 2021? Or should they put their money where their mouth is and meet the demands of Andrea Dovizioso as he takes second place in the championship and is ready to put on a full title assault.

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