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Marc Marquez fires warning shot at future teammate Pol Espargaro - Everything Moto Racing

Marc Marquez fires warning shot at future teammate Pol Espargaro

Marc Marquez has fired early shots at Pol Espargaro, following the news of Pol moving to Repsol Honda, relegating Alex Marquez to LCR Honda

Despite signing for Respol Honda for 2020, Alex Marquez will be moved to LCR Honda for 2021, a decision brother Marc has said he respects and maintains he was fully informed in his decision.

Pol Espargaro will be riding one of the most coveted MotoGP bikes on the grid for 2021 and 2022, however, it doesn’t come without its pressure and targets. After spearheading KTM’s MotoGP project and finishing on the podium for KTM at Valencia 2018, Pol has decided to move to Honda, a bike he has previously said will suit his riding style well.

Marquez confirmed he is happy to have Pol as a future team-mate, stating that it will be interesting to see how the KTM compares to the Honda, especially after long-time Repsol Honda rider Dani Pedrosa has assisted KTM’s development in recent years.

Marc fired a warning shot to Pol saying “it’s like I said, being in the Repsol Honda team means being on the podium, if not it’s a disaster.” Indeed a disaster it would be, we all saw the demise of Jorge Lorenzo, one of the most successful riders of all time on the Honda last year. A team of Marc Marquez and Jorge Lorenzo was once dubbed a ‘dream team’, however, this quickly turned into Marc Marquez winning the rider, team and manufacturer titles by himself.

“This year Alex will be in the Repsol Honda team but then next year he will be in LCR, which I think is a very good move to him because to be in the Repsol Honda team means be on the podium.

“For a normal rookie rider, the normal step is to start with a team like LCR and it’s good for him that it will be with all the support from HRC.”

Marc Marquez also confirmed that although he has the power to decide his teammate, he does not interfere with this, “It’s a Honda decision and I respected them” Marquez said.

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