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MotoGP: Suzuki unveil amended livery - Everything Moto Racing

MotoGP: Suzuki unveil amended livery

Suzuki have unveiled their 2022 livery with riders Joan Mir and Alex Rins.

Suzuki have unveiled their 2022 MotoGP machine which they hope will battle for the title and repeat their 2020 success. 2021 was a tricky year for the brand who failed to capitalise on their previous success, not winning a race for the entirety of the season.

Despite this Joan Mir remained incredibly consistent taking home P3 in the championship, being a dark horse all season long working away to come home with a very strong result despite the lack of victories, on the other side of the garage Alex Rins seemingly fell apart with crashes out of the lead of races, multiple consecutive DNF’s to his name and even a DNS after crashing into the back of a media vehicle at Catalunya, signifying a torrid year, backing up 2020’s P3 overall with P13 overall.

With rumours rampant about both riders making exit moves out of the brand at the end of the year, this will be a huge year for the brand to try and once again prove that they are capable of winning world championships.

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