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Moto2 Misano Race: Injured Raul Fernandez takes sixth win of season - Everything Moto Racing

Moto2 Misano Race: Injured Raul Fernandez takes sixth win of season

Raul Fernandez has stormed his way to his sixth win of the season.

Raul Fernandez has taken his sixth Moto2 victory in his rookie season to close further down on Remy Gardner in the championship standings with the gap down to 34 with just four races of the season left to go, Fernandez is still riding injured and has even said his injury is even worse than it was last weekend in Aragon, despite that he hasn’t let it slow him down taking yet another victory spitting in the face of anyone who has dared to doubt him this year.

The race started with Sam Lowes taking an early lead over Aron Canet on the Boscoscuro machine, the duo leading the way with Fernandez in tow of the pair, it looked to be the race of Sam Lowes who started to edge out a gap at the front of the field to a certain victory. Unfortunately for Lowes he wasn’t able to hold the lead making a mistake and dropping down to third place gifting Canet his first opportunity to lead a Moto2 race ahead of Raul Fernandez gaining valuable experience and time out front, this didn’t last long though with Raul Fernandez finding his way through to the front with just 11 laps left.

From then on Raul Fernandez would push on to open a gap on the Boscoscuro rider whilst in the meantime his teammate Remy Gardner saw an opportunity, we know he has strong late-race pace and he proved that again today making his way past Sam Lowes with nine laps to go before striking again on Aron Canet with three to go. From here Gardner would focus on cutting his way into the lead of Fernandez gaining a huge 0.300 seconds on the last lap in sector one having a huge sixth gear slide losing lots of time to Fernandez handing his teammate the win.

Remy would eventually finish in second after facing some pressure from Canet who would take another podium finish to remain in fifth place in the Moto2 championship standings.

Running outside of the podium was early race leader Sam Lowes in fourth place ahead of Marco Bezzecchi with the bright pink livery for this weekend. Ai Ogura made his way back into the top 10 with a very strong P7 finish ahead of Xavi Vierge and Fabio Diggia with rookie Celestino Vietti in P10.

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Featured image – Red Bull KTM Ajo