Moto3 Silverstone Qualifying: Romano Fenati takes solo pole position

Romano Fenati takes a solo pole position in Moto3.

Well, it was a nightmare session for Romano Fenati. We’ve seen him all weekend long lead every session, he destroyed the lap record earlier this morning in FP3 with an unbelievable 2:10 lap time proving he had the pace for pole going into qualifying.

The issue with Fenati however is that he is quite temperamental, he wanted to escape the constant train of riders who were destined to follow him during the session, he completely destroyed his chances of setting a fast lap until the last four minutes of the session after shaking off his followers riding slowly around the track with Suzuki, Binder, McPhee and Fellon in tow. Eventually he resorted to going down pit lane with Lorenzo Fellon following suit. Eventually, after a kick-off Fenati had realised he was quickly running out of time and put his head down and pushed, forcing the brave Lorenzo Fellon into a crash after trying to hang on with a now freezing cold tyre.

Once Fenati was back to his zen of being alone he could get his head down and fight for pole position, eventually using his lap record-setting speed to bang in a lap-time worthy of pole position by just 0.043 seconds, talk about cutting it fine! Fenati’s weekend best lap time was a whole 0.706 faster than his pole position, just showing the effect other riders had on his mental during the session.

Joining Fenati on the front row were Gabriel Rodrigo who lost his provisional pole position in the last moments of the session and Riccardo Rossi, the young Italian seems to have found a spark and a rocket up his ass this weekend firing his way up the timesheets to take his second front row start of 2021, a really strong weekend for the young BOE rider who is vastly underrated. Rossi led an Italian trio with Andrea Migno leading the second row ahead of fellow VR46 rider Niccolo Antonelli, Migno looked to have some very strong pace in the latter of the session with plenty of red sectors in the mix, unfortunately his time was only worthy of third place, being pushed down to fourth thanks to Fenati. Filip Salac came from the Q1 session to finish in sixth place.

Leading row three was Jeremy Alcoba, probably not the best round for him in Britain given his shenanigans with John McPhee this season, I’m not sure we will see too many Alcoba T-shirts in the grandstands this weekend, he led Dennis Foggia then Deniz Oncu in ninth position as Jaume Masia rounded off the top 10.

For title leaders Pedro Acosta and Sergio Garcia it was a tough session, both failed to escape Q1 with Garcia crashing out and valiantly attempting to ride a broken motorcycle to a Q2 position, unfortunately going to waste in P10.

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