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Moto3 Styria FP3: Ayumu Sasaki sets fastest lap time of weekend - Everything Moto Racing

Moto3 Styria FP3: Ayumu Sasaki sets fastest lap time of weekend

Ayumu Sasaki returns from injury to lead into qualifying as 25 riders go within 1 second.

Ayumu Sasaki has pulled off a masterclass this weekend to return after an incredibly serious head injury and lead the way into qualifying becoming one of three riders to break into the 1:35 lap times as every rider on the grid improved on their lap time as they battled to get into the Q2 session, despite suffering a crash at turn four Sasaki battled his way around the Red Bull Ring to lead Jaume Masia by 0.035 seconds. Sasaki has good history here running in the top positions before being crashed into by teammate Deniz Oncu last year.

Filip Salac finished the session in third place, the Czech rider has returned to the PrustelGP team on a KTM and has instantly adapted and returned to form, it’s no surprise the KTM is the best bike this year with many riders favouring the Austrian machine due to how late you can brake with it with the disadvantage being corner speed, it’s gone 1-2-3 today in Moto3 with Salac enjoying it more than the Snipers Honda.

Jeremy Alcoba recovers from a tough weekend to take fourth place going into Q2 later today ahead of Pedro Acosta who has suffered a little recently with his qualifying getting out of Q2 and being forced to start in the sub P14 positions, thankfully today he has been able to secure a Q2 spot leading fellow rookie Izan Guevara.

Taking the seventh position is John McPhee who needs a barrel full of ‘liquid luck’ this weekend following some torrid luck this year leading Sergio Garcia then his teammate Darryn Binder.

Rounding off the top 10 only 0.273 seconds off his teammate was Deniz Oncu ahead of Riccardo Rossi who once again secures himself a Q2 spot with Andrea Migno, Stefano Nepa and Niccolo Antonelli being the last Q2 riders.

Some notable names within the Q1 session are Dennis Foggia, Gabriel Rodrigo, Xavier Artigas and Kaito Toba.

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