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Moto3 Silverstone FP3: Romano Fenati destroys lap record to take P1 - Everything Moto Racing

Moto3 Silverstone FP3: Romano Fenati destroys lap record to take P1

Romano Fenati has destroyed his own lap record to lead FP3 into qualifying.

Romano Fenati absolutely blitzed his own lap record this morning by 0.700 seconds to lead the way in the Moto3 class, not only this but he has beaten Tony Arbolino’s 2019 lap record by a whole second, becoming the first Moto3 rider to lap under the 2:11 barrier with a time of 2:10.619, not only that but he did it alone! No tow, no assistance, no nothing proving it can be done without a tow, maybe a lesson for the rest of the Moto3 riders who insist on being dangerous to try and catch a tow and shave 0.4 seconds off their lap time.

Ayumu Sasaki was the second quickest rider with a time of 2:11.103 going underneath Fenati’s previous lap record set yesterday, this was on a cold track meaning we can absolutely expect times to drop much further, we may even see a sub 2:10 lap time which would be unbelievably fast, Sasaki led Darryn Binder then Jeremy Alcoba.

Dennis Foggia was the fifth fastest rider in the FP3 session, finishing in P6 overall as Niccolo Antonelli’s FP2 lap time was worthy of P5 overall which is lucky for the Italian rider who found himself down in P18 in FP3. Next up was Jaume Masia then John McPhee in FP3 as some strong names managed to get themselves into the Q2 session including Riccardo Rossi who is on fire this weekend, really showing some strong form all weekend long, this is alongside Lorenzo Fellon who is chasing his first Grand Prix points finish, he has finished in P13 getting into Q2 which is really impressive.

In a surprising move Pedro Acosta must go via Q1, he missed out by a tiny 0.012 seconds with Gabriel Rodrigo only 0.002 further back from Acosta. This gives the pair more work to do later today but Acosta has consistently been able to escape the Q1 session in the past, joining them in Q1 is Izan Guevara, Sergio Garcia and Filip Salac to name a few riders.

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