Moto3 Austria Race: Sergio Garcia gets his victory in Austria

Sergio Garcia took the Moto3 victory in style in the AustrianGP.

It was yet another dramatic, thrilling and exciting Moto3 race with the winner only decided in the penultimate corners of the race, all eyes were on Deniz Oncu but it was Sergio Garcia who would get his revenge after losing last weekends race in the last sector of the track to Pedro Acosta, crashing out and remounting to take home second place.

The race started with Rocket Romano Fenati getting a stunning race start, looking like he had managed to jump the start when in actual fact he’d timed his start to absolute perfection to get the launch into turn one with a gap of five bike lengths, this wouldn’t last long though with the group behind gaining an advantage from his slipstream to reel him in with Oncu overtaking the Italian rider to finish lap one in first position. Unfortunately for Andrea Migno his race would be over on lap one, he made slight contact with his teammate David Salvador in an instance of friendly fire, going down out of the race continuing his poor luck.

Starting from seventh place Pedro Acosta made his way to the front leading the race with 21 laps to go, but as we know, this is Moto3 and it was never going to last long with Romano Fenati retaking the lead, throughout the race the lead would exchange hands with Romano Fenati and Deniz Oncu dominating the P1 positions with some superb overtakes from the pair. Sadly some overtakes during the race were more aggressive and unfair than others with Ayumu Sasaki’s race coming to an end in the final corner after making contact with Darryn Binder, no action was taken on the move but I am sure Sasaki will have some strong words to say about that.

Sergio Garcia was gunning for blood today coming from P13 on the grid, after last weeks upset he knew he had to improve and take victory if he wanted to close down the title lead as it was slipping out of his hands with Acosta, today Garcia played it to perfection with some sublime overtakes to take victory, even repeating some from last weekend against rival Pedro Acosta who as normal was riding on the limit, eventually Garcia’s tactics would pay off, pushing Acosta a little wide causing the young rider to lose some time and aid Garcia in overtaking Oncu for victory.

There is no doubt Oncu will be nothing short of devastated to lose today, he had his first victory in his sights but it wasn’t to be today with Garcia winning by a mere 0.027 seconds at the line, despite this Oncu has taken two incredibly strong results and will be eying up a victory soon.

A rather strange Moto3 record continues here, Dennis Foggia has scored points in only five races this year, funnily enough he also has five podiums to his name, if he’s not on the podium he’s either outside of the points or not finishing the race with a DNF, backing up last weekends P22 with a P3 finish ahead of Pedro Acosta who was unable to take a sixth consecutive victory here, however will be more than happy with a fourth-place finish.

Rounding out the top five was Romano Fenati ahead of  Jaume Masia who made some incredibly strong but aggressive moves in the race, hungry for another win.

John McPhee and Darryn Binder were forced to buck up during the race as rookie rider Izan Guevara was able to close a three-second gap to the pair, overtaking them and attacking the front group taking the lap record in the process, thankfully for the Petronas boys they were able to close him back up and demote him to P8 ahead of Binder with Kaito Toba rounding off the top 10. Andi Farid Izdihar takes another Moto3 points-scoring finish in P15.

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