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Moto3 Jerez Qualifying: Tatsuki Suzuki takes pole position - Everything Moto Racing

Moto3 Jerez Qualifying: Tatsuki Suzuki takes pole position

Tatsuki Suzuki has taken pole position at Jerez after half the grid mess up again.

Well, the Moto3 grid once again have proven they haven’t learned a thing from their screw-ups earlier in the season which has seen many riders either not set a lap time or arrive at the chequered flag as they try to improve on their time and Jerez was no exception, thankfully for some riders including Andrea Migno he was able to still qualify on the front row.

It was Tatsuki Suzuki who was the best of the lot today qualifying on pole position on the Spanish soil, he has already confirmed he hopes to leave Moto3 at the end of the season so he will be trying his best to be able to prove to Moto2 teams that he deserves a seat in the intermediate class, pole position in Jerez is a good move.

Suzuki took pole ahead of Jeremy Alcoba who adds another front row start to his collection, after some tough races at the start of the year he will be aiming to fight for victory tomorrow after proving he is more than strong enough to be able to do so, they duo are joined by Andrea Migno.

Gabriel Rodrigo was set to start from the front row until his teammate struck him down pushing him off the front row and relegating him to the front of row 2, I wonder if this strike down will make Rodrigo more powerful than we can possibly imagine. (10 points if you get this reference).

Romano Fenati was the fifth fastest rider ahead of John McPhee who has a big fat zero next to his name scoring no points so far this season, McPhee will be desperate to take some points here, he starts ahead of his teammate Darryn Binder who suffered a big crash at turn seven, rider OK just in pain.

Ayumu Sasaki joined Binder on row three with Niccolo Antonelli who stood on the box in Doha, lets see if he can do it again remembering that his last win in the class was here in 2019. Deniz Oncu rounded off the top 10 on row four being joined by Izan Guevara and Filip Salac.

Big big shout out to Carlos Tatay who was able to get through Q1 completely alone, no slipstream or following riders, just ridin’ solo. He qualified in P16.

Some riders we will be watching out for tomorrow are Sergio Garcia and Dennis Foggia who were unable to get out of Q1.

Q2 Results – 

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