MotoGP: Fausto Gresini conscious and in stable condition

Fausto Gresini’s condition continues to improve after being awoken from coma.

2 x 125cc World Champion Fausto Gresini continues to improve and make steady progress following from his worrying hospitalisation on 27th December with COVID-19, he was hospitalised after his breathing deteriorated to a point whereby he was not taking in enough oxygen which could’ve proven to be fatal if not cared for correctly.

After being hospitalised in his home town hospital of Imola, he was moved to the Maggiore Carlo Alberto Pizzardi hospital in Bologna who have a special COVID-19 ward and are able to offer a more specialised level of care for his conditions. He was placed in a medically induced coma and was given a ventilator to assure that his blood oxygen levels remained at a stable level, since then he has been awoken from the coma and remains in the intensive care unit but is conscious and stable, despite being in a serious condition.

A statement from the team reads, “Comforting news from the intensive care unit of the Maggiore Carlo Alberto Pizzardi hospital in Bologna. Fausto Gresini is conscious and in stable conditions, even if the situation remains serious overall.

Dr Nicola Cilloni said: “Fausto Gresini’s clinical conditions are still serious, but more stable. It is still necessary to maintain mechanical ventilation to ensure good blood oxygenation. However, the clinical stability allowed to moderate the sedation and keep him conscious. He is a fighter and very collaborative and this helps clinicians a lot in managing the disease. Apart from the breath, all other organs are functional”.
We will provide more updates once available.

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