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MotoGP: KTM retain test riders Dani Pedrosa and Mika Kallio - Everything Moto Racing

MotoGP: KTM retain test riders Dani Pedrosa and Mika Kallio

KTM have confirmed contract extensions for test riders Dani Pedrosa and Mika Kallio.

It has been announced that Dani Pedrosa and Mika Kallio will remain with KTM as their test riders for 2021 following their most successful season in the premier class of MotoGP to date. Mika Kallio has been a part of the project since day one, testing and developing the bike from its incredibly early developments behind the scenes to debuting the bike in the Valencia 2016 MotoGP race and completing several wildcard appearances and replacement rides for the Austrian factory.

Dani Pedrosa was hired after retiring from an incredible career spent solely with Honda to help push the project forward at a rapid speed using his 13 years of premier class experience, the pair have worked together to build the bike up and improve it to a point whereby it is able to win races, winning three races in 2020 and scoring a total of 3 wins and 7 podiums, a feat which was unexpected at the start of the season. Their long hours and hard work have really paid off for the factory who are looking to push even further in 2021, eventually mounting a title challenge in the not so distant future.

Mika Kallio: “It is great to continue this project. Five years have passed already with this crew and I cannot believe time has gone so fast. It has been rewarding to see the development of the bike and all the phases which have got us here. Especially in 2020 with victories and podiums; it has been amazing. It is good to see all the hard work and dedication paying off for everyone involved in the project. I have worked with KTM for eleven years now during my career, which is basically half of my whole time in racing.

KTM is my second family and I am proud and privileged to continue being with this company. I think the results of this year motivate both the crew and riders towards an even better 2021, so I am already looking forward to the upcoming season. I think we have now what it takes to fight at the top.”

Dani Pedrosa, MotoGP Legend: “KTM is very keen to keep improving and I’m only too happy to keep working with them and helping their riders onto bigger goals. I want to thank Pit Beirer, Stefan Pierer and Red Bull for all their trust in me.”

Pit Beirer, KTM Motorsports Director: “We’re pleased to be able to keep the stability and all the knowledge we have with our current testing team. In 2020 we could show how well and how fast we are working behind-the-scenes for our MotoGP programme and both Mika and Dani’s input were important in the progress we have made. It’s only been four years but it gives the whole company a lot of pride and excitement to be able to set new targets and to make more memories in MotoGP.”

Featured image – KTM Press Centre

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