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MotoGP: Casey Stoner: "I start the day at 50% and the energy goes down until I feel empty" - Everything Moto Racing

MotoGP: Casey Stoner: “I start the day at 50% and the energy goes down until I feel empty”

Casey Stoner has opened up more on his chronic fatigue syndrome.

Casey Stoner has revealed more information regarding his chronic fatigue syndrome which is majorly affecting him in day to day life, confirming it is only getting worse as time passes by.

Stoner is one of the most successful Australian racers of all time, on the MotoGP Hall of Fame and is a two-time MotoGP World Champion, winning titles with Ducati and Honda, regarded by many as being the most naturally gifted motorcycle racer to ever race. His career was short but sweet, retiring at just 27, putting this into perspective, he was older than Marc Marquez is now when he announced his retirement from the sport.

He left leaving the fans desperately wanting more, but wanted to get out of the limelight, the media and end “the bullshit” we quote. He would disappear into the darkness, giving fans a look into his life with the occasional Instagram update to his followers, he was a Honda then Ducati test rider, falling out with Ducati due to them preferring data over the analysis he could offer them, even then when he was testing, he did not speak to the media very often and when he did it was not for long.

Stoner when he returned to Ducati as their test rider

He burst back onto the scene in recent years, speaking to various outlets including the “In the fast lane” podcast about his chronic fatigue syndrome which is taking over his life, causing him to be immensely tired and lack the energy to get through the day which is unbelievable given the level of fitness he once had when competing in MotoGP.

This steady decline is only getting worse, he opened up to Spanish media outlet “El Mundo” about said syndrome, going as far as saying he starts his day at 50% energy.

Stoner said, “It’s been months in which I felt that my body was deteriorating for no apparent reason: I went to train and came back burst.

I thought that I would find a way to cure it, that I would train more than anyone else and I would have moved on, but I was wrong.  But the truth is that this disease is destroying me and I cannot manage it.”

“Now I am a little better, I have learned to manage my energies. I start the day at 50% and the energy goes down until I feel empty.”  Whether you love him or hate him these words are tough, it’s awful to see a man deteriorate in this manner, especially a man who gave so much to the sport we love and adore.

As awful as this is, it is giving him the chance to enjoy his life, to have a greater appreciation for the little things we may take for granted every day saying, “All this has made me rethink my life. On fine days I take the opportunity to play with my daughters and if anything I’m going to play golf. 

I’ve only ridden a motorcycle twice in the last two years and went fishing… well, I don’t even know when was the last time I went there.”

Stoner with Ben Spies on the Yamaha’s 

One of these times was when he rode a Yamaha R1 at an Alpinestars Ride Day event in California on his 34th birthday at the Willow Springs International Raceway, he was joined by various riders including Ben Spies, Tony Elias, Justin Barcia and Josh Herrin, to name a few of many.

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