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MotoGP Valencia: Takaaki Nakagami: "I gave my best" - Everything Moto Racing

MotoGP Valencia: Takaaki Nakagami: “I gave my best”

Takaaki Nakagami was unlucky to crash out of the ValencianGP, once again in a podium position.

Takaaki Nakagami, one of the only riders on the MotoGP grid to not score a podium, he deserves one, that’s a fact, but he is yet to earn one, but it’s not through a lack of trying.

Nakagami has now started 3/3 races in a row on the front row, including a pole position in the Teruel round, however, has crashed out of 2/3 of these races, matching his best race finish of P4 at the European GP, in between these two DNF’s.

He has a knack of getting into the required position then crashing, maybe it’s the pressure? He could be getting overly excited? We do not know, but it is heartbreaking every time, especially when you know how hard he has worked/is working to take a podium finish in MotoGP.

He crashed out of P1 on the opening lap of the Teruel GP, running a little wide trying to preserve P1, touching some dirt and hitting the deck, then in the Valencian GP, he was incredibly strong and went for an overtake on Pol Espargaro, however, misjudged it and crashed, but has no clue why he crashed here.

When asked about the race and the crash he said, “I cannot say anything, I was under control and had a much better strategy than last week and was very comfortable on the bike.

I didn’t feel good on the front tyre in the first 5 laps and the wind did not help, I got a track limits warning and after this, I tried to be safer in braking, I was more comfortable after lap 10 and could push harder and could make up the gap to Franco, Miller and Espargaro, it was easy to see I was closing the gap lap by lap and said ‘I have to push and do my best.'”

Last time out at the European GP, he played it safe and took home P4, but that podium is what he wants, going all out in a ‘win it or bin it’ fashion for the Valencia GP, “I did not want to be too safe this race and wanted to push, the strategy was good and was fastest in sector four. I saw the gap in the last corner and prepared well to brake into the corner but I lost the front and I do not know why.

I gave my best, I had a crash but there were no injuries but I am disappointed to crash here. I need to be positive and strong and never give up, always improving and improving.”

Mistakes happen, everyone makes mistakes, but what is important is how you learn from them, it’s clear he is learning each time more and more and no doubt we will see him on the podium soon.

Featured image – LCR Honda 

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