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MotoGP: Jack Miller and his luck in 2020 - Everything Moto Racing

MotoGP: Jack Miller and his luck in 2020

Jack Miller has to be the unluckiest rider in 2020 so far, suffering multiple DNF’s which are not his fault.

So far in 2020, Jack Miller is getting muck thrown at him from all angles, he has 4 x DNF’s this season with two of those not being his fault with the Emilia Romagna DNF being a 1 in a million chance.

In Sunday’s race at the Teruel GP, Miller lasted about 9 seconds, great if you’re a 100m sprint runner, not great if you’re a MotoGP rider. Miller was knocked off at Turn 2 by Brad Binder who made a rookie mistake, crashing into the back of Miller.

Miller being the gentleman he is, did not go mental at Binder as he may have done a few years ago but instead said, “I saw Brad and I was like ‘what the hell Brad?’ I got my helmet off as we were walking out the gravel and I said ‘what happened’, and he said ‘I don’t know, man, I’m sorry’. “I said ‘don’t worry about it’.

That’s racing sometimes, especially here where it’s so tight in this corner as well. “I asked him what happened but he probably didn’t know what happened. When I watched back it just seemed like he approached the group with speed and I was just the unlucky one there. “We’ve all done it, I’ve done it, so I’m not going to sit here and curse him out. It is what it is.”

Taking the crash on his chin and dealing with it as it is a part of racing, this has not helped his luck so far this season.

The DNF in the Emilia Romagna GP was something completely unexpected, a tear-off visor from the helmet of Fabio Quartararo was sucked into the air intake on Miller’s bike, causing a restriction of air and eventually causing the Australian rider to DNF unexpectedly, the chances of this happening are next to nothing, hitting the bike is possible, but to go into the air intake? 10/10 effort from Quartararo on that one to unintentionally take his opponent out.

These DNF’s are not helping Miller who is desperate to take a win for the Pramac Ducati team before heading to the factory team for 2021, he has three races left to achieve this goal, someone please keep him away from mirrors.

Featured image – Dorna Sports

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