MotoGP Aleix Espargaro: “I am not happy, not happy at all”

Aleix Espargaro has expressed his discontent for how the 2020 season has played out for Aprilia so far.

In the pre-season tests, Aprilia boasted a new RS-GP which had a new aero package and looked to be much faster this season, which it was, however since these tests, Aprilia have been forced to reduce the revs of the bike to improve reliability which has meant that they have not performed as expected.

Aleix Espargaro has a best result of P10 after 8 races with just 1 x top 10 finish and 3 DNF’s, he has scored points in every race he has finished but has lingered around the P10-P13 mark, absolutely not where he expected to be following testing, expressing his frustrations of the season so far.

“I am not happy, not happy at all, not satisfied,” said the older Espargaro.

“We have not shown the speed I expected after the pre-season tests, the first tests were very very good but we had some problems with the engine so had to use fewer RPMs.

We have not had any new parts since February, so everyone else [the other teams] has new parts and we do not, so everyone has improved a bit but we have not.” Aleix clearly unimpressed by the lack of development going into the machine which should have been upgraded by now.

“I have tried and tried but it is not enough, it is true that we are faster than 2019 and closer to the front but the position is the same so it’s not enough.”

It is clear to see that changes need to be made in Aprilia if they are ever going to reach the top 5 in a MotoGP race, currently, their best finish is P6, nevermind the podium.

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