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MotoGP: Fabio Quartararo "I can't wait for tomorrow; we still have something to improve" - Everything Moto Racing

MotoGP: Fabio Quartararo “I can’t wait for tomorrow; we still have something to improve”

Fabio Quartararo is looking to the future positively following good form at Misano.

Fabio Quartararo leads the way in day one following a difficult three races, scoring just 20 points out of a possible 75 at Brno and the two races at Austria, the Frenchman still holds the title lead but only by a mere 3 points over Andrea Dovizioso, compared to the 10 he held over Maverick Vinales when he left Jerez.

Quartararo has had many issues with the Yamaha over the three races, but seems to have rejuvenated himself at the Italian track of Misano following their resurfacing, following his P1 overall today Fabio said, “[During the] three races from Austria to Brno, was so difficult to us, so difficult to manage all the problems we have on the bike, finally, here we found a bit improvement, the track has helped a lot.

The three races at Austria and Brno makes us learn to adapt quickly, it is not the best moment to have these problems as I wanted to score more points but, it is experience which helps you for the future. We make a quite good FP1 and FP2, the FP2 pace was great, it feels really good I can’t wait for tomorrow as we still have something to improve.”

Misano has recently been resurfaced with KTM and Ducati testing on the new surface, however, Yamaha before the weekend had not set a single lap on the new tarmac, yet have performed very well with Vinales, Quartararo and Morbidelli all putting in fast laps.

Regarding the new track Fabio said, “The track is 50/50, it more grip but more bumps, it’s difficult its a bit dangerous but in the end, everyone is taking care.”

On the last three races compared to Misano, the title leader continued, “The three races were so difficult, we could not find the way to make it work, Austria was difficult for us, it was clear that the Yamaha there is not so great we had problems so it isn’t helping us, but we are riding here with confidence, it was going to be alright, so happy to be there [at the front].

The focus for tomorrow is trying to improve again the pace, I think we can still prove a bit more, I think we already have a good one [pace], then of course fight for the front tomorrow, will be so important for the race,” concluded the Frenchman.

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