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MotoGP: Misano race weekend, is there any point predicting a winner? - Everything Moto Racing

MotoGP: Misano race weekend, is there any point predicting a winner?

Bear with us here, we are not trying to sound lazy, but what is going on this season?!

The 2020 MotoGP season has been a chaotic race season, we have seen 4 different riders of 4 different nationalities step on the top step of the MotoGP podium, none of them Spanish. We have also seen 11 different podium finishers with every rider from 1st to 12th in the standings, aside from Takaaki Nakagami in 6th place, standing on the box.

Therefore we can say confidently that MotoGP is unbelievably level this season, we have riders on 2019 bikes battling for wins and riders like Joan Mir leading races with phenomenal pace, you absolutely cannot predict who will be in the top 5, never mind the race winner.

KTM have come from nowhere and have started to deliver results, they also have recent testing data from Misano meaning they are likely to perform at the San Marino track. At this point, we would not be surprised if Aleix Espargaro took his first win on the Aprilia at Misano with Tito Rabat in second place because that’s how crazy this season is so far. Anyone can win races and it is as unpredictable as the lottery numbers.

2020 has been the best MotoGP season in decades, we are 5 races in and currently, the title leader Fabio Quartararo, has fewer points than Nicky Hayden did in his 2006 MotoGP title-winning season with the top 7 riders being split by just 25 points in the standings, one race win.

Misano will be a track Valentino Rossi favours due to the number of laps he does at the track when training, however, Ducati workhorse Michele Pirro has also completed hundreds of laps for the Ducati Test Team on the Ducati MotoGP machinery meaning Ducati also have an armoury of data at their disposal.

Tune in this weekend for the next instalment of the MotoGP championship, who’s your money on?

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