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MotoGP: Marc Marquez aiming for Aragon return? - Everything Moto Racing

MotoGP: Marc Marquez aiming for Aragon return?

Marc Marquez has scored zero points so far in MotoGP due to his broken arm at Jerez, however, could be eying a return at Aragon.

Marc Marquez dramatically crashed out of the first race of the season at Jerez and broke his humerus bone in his right arm before attempting to return a week later, the return did not go as planned ith the pain being too much for the eight-time world champion.

News then caught on that Marc Marquez had to undergo further surgery on his arm due to snapping the plate in a domestic accident, this surgery has dramatically slowed down the recovery time of Marquez to 2-3 months since the operation which is October, putting Catalunya and Aragon into the frame of a return.

Marc Marquez has now not scored in 5 MotoGP races, the number is expected to be at 9 if Marquez returns at Aragon and not a week before at Catalunya, therefore Marquez is not likely to win the MotoGP title unless some sort of miracle was to happen and Marquez won every race whilst his competitors’ bikes all blew-up.

This means that a return date is not crucial, however, Honda needs to think about 2021. In 2021, the teams must ride with the 2020 bikes aside from a few modifications, Honda are unable to make any changes to the engine but they can to the chassis, their number one man Marc Marquez, therefore, needs to supply Honda with information to help them build a title fighter for 2021.

Aragon would be a great place for Marquez to return, the track is not far from Marquez’s home town of Cervera and it is a double race weekend, meaning that Honda can benefit from back to back weekends of data on a track with similar conditions.

Following this, there would be a triple header of two races at Valencia before the season finale at Portimao, Honda would be aiming to use all of these weekends with Marquez to gather data and information, he won’t have a title to fight for meaning he does not have to take risks on the bike.

Marquez has confirmed that he will not return to race until he is 100% fit, meaning that it could take longer than October and we may not see the rider back on track until the final trio of races or even Portimao, it would be a surprise to not see Marquez at Portimao, a track built perfectly for his riding style.

Honda and Marquez will work closely with the physicians to identify when he is feeling strong enough to race, until then, we wait with bated breath for the champions return and will continue to enjoy a crazy MotoGP season, which, Andrea Dovizioso has said would still be as crazy with Marc Marquez participating, but, that is an article for another time…

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