MotoGP: VIDEO – Valentino Rossi prepares for Misano with 2 and 4 wheels

Valentino Rossi has had more than enough time on his hands this week.

Wouldn’t it be nice to spend your weekdays driving cars and sliding bikes around, just to then go to work at the weekend and spend it riding motorbikes at 300km/h, we can only dream eh? Or we can at least watch someone else live our dream life.

Valentino Rossi has spent his free time ahead of his home round at Misano at the ranch with the VR46 Riders Academy, sliding flat track motorcycles around and calling it ‘training,’ sounds like a great training session to me! My version of training usually involves death by Powerpoint.


If that is not enough, Rossi also decided to give four wheels ago because two wheels are clearly not enough for The Doctor, honing his drifting skills at the Graziano Rossi drifting track with a 700HP lean, mean, drifting machine.


Message to Rossi, if you ever get bored of your life, give me a call, (pretty) please? I’ll happily swap places.

Featured image – www.motogp.com

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