MotoGP: KTM able to develop engine until 2021

KTM have lost their concessions for the 2021 season, with three podiums under their belt and two wins.

Following the success of 2020, KTM has scored enough concession points to lose them all together for 2021 with a max of 6 points being allowed, 3 for a win, 2 for second place and 1 for a third-place finish. A lack of these points gain manufacturers to things like extra testing and wildcards, plus more engines and the rule against engine development during the season to assist them in getting further to the front of the field. Following their two wins, KTM have already lost some testing rights with their race riders not being allowed to test whenever they would like to and in 2021, their test riders of Pedrosa and Kallio may only test at selected circuits.

Due to COVID-19, KTM are allowed to develop their engine for 2021, despite them scoring more than enough points thanks to a technical freeze due to the pandemic.

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