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MotoGP: Is Tito Rabat safe in MotoGP? - Everything Moto Racing

MotoGP: Is Tito Rabat safe in MotoGP?

Ducati are making strides in the MotoGP silly season, dominating the headlines being linked with riders, this begs the question, is Tito Rabat safe?

At the start of the season, before the season even began, Karel Abraham was sensationally fired by the Avintia team, over email, in a language he barely spoke. He was replaced by Johann Zarco who joined the team with factory support from Ducati, something the team had never received before, Zarco races for the team with a Ducati contract, Rabat races for the team with a contract to Avintia.

There are currently 6 seats Ducati can put riders on, 2 in the factory team, 2 in the Pramac team and 2 in the Avintia team. Jack Miller occupies one of the factory seats, with Johann Zarco and Francesco Bagnaia signing for Ducati for 2021 means that there are three seats left.

Zarco and Bagnaia will slot into the Pramac and factory seats, however, who goes where is not confirmed. This leaves 1 Pramac seat open, it is widely known that Jorge Martin will take this seat for the 2021 season.

This leaves the Avintia team open, Ducati’s input has helped the team majorly, including gaining more sponsorship for the team, Johann Zarco got the team their first MotoGP podium at Brno, therefore more Ducati support is welcomed by the team. Ducati are looking at Enea Bastianini and Luca Marini for 2021 also, the pair currently are leading the Moto2 standings with Marini in first place. Ducati, therefore, would be very open to the idea of hiring the pair for the Avintia team with Ducati support.

Tito Rabat, however, has other ideas, the rider has signed for Avintia for the 2021 season, not to mention the fact that his fathers ‘Rabat’ jewellery store’s logos cover the bike, giving the team more financial support. This support is greatly appreciated by the team, however, two riders with Ducati contracts riding for the team already opens more doors for sponsorship, not forgetting more exposure if the riders arrive at the podium, we all know that better results = more money.

Tito has scored just 7 points in 5 races, finishing the last 3 races out of the points and had struggled in MotoGP for a long time now.

Avintia are not scared to sack riders either as we saw with Karel Abraham, could we see time repeat itself with Avintia removing Rabat for two promising rookies?

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