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MotoGP - Oliveira "everyone feels they can win the title" - Everything Moto Racing

MotoGP – Oliveira “everyone feels they can win the title”

Miguel Oliveira is one of 4 different race winners so far in 2020, MotoGP has been incredibly competitive with Oliveira feeling that all the riders can win the title.

Speaking with journalists following the race, Oliveira was asked why MotoGP was so competitive this year, forgetting about Marc Marquez not being there. His reasons were truthful and correct saying, “I don’t know if there is any specific reason. I think once Marquez was out everyone suddenly all of a sudden felt like they could win races and championships.” Marc Marquez has dominated the last few seasons in MotoGP, obliterating his competition in the 2019 season leaving no room for error, without Marquez, someone has to take his place as champion.

Speaking on the all the riders feeling they can win races and titles Oliveira continued, “This is why there is no clear title favourite, I think that it is too early to define this [a title favourite], in the next few races, we will see who is on the podium more and scoring more points as this is what will make the difference for the title.”

Who do you think has the potential to win the title this season?

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