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MotoGP Brno: Aleix Espargaro "The track conditions are a disaster" - Everything Moto Racing

MotoGP Brno: Aleix Espargaro “The track conditions are a disaster”

As always, Aleix Espargaro did not hold back when he spoke about the Brno circuit following Fridays practice sessions.

Backed by his teammate Bradley Smith, Aleix Espargaro said “It’s one of worst tracks I’ve ridden in my life, not just in terms of grip which is very, very poor but in terms of bumps.” The track has not been resurfaced since 2008 and it is clearly starting to show with riders slipping around the track.

“We had many crashes. In two or three places I was closer to the feeling of riding in the wet than dry. You cannot stress the front, you cannot push because you crash.”The track condition is not at the level of a MotoGP circuit. Apart from the bumps, the grip was very low. The lap times of MotoGP were super slow. If you watch all the classes, the amount of crashes has been too much.”

Speaking further, he mentioned that Francesco Bagnaia crashed and injured his leg at Turn 1 “It’s very risky to brake hard. Every time you take a bump you risk crashing. Also, Pecco is injured. For me, the worst thing has not been the bumps. It was the grip. Very, very low grip.”

“For me, I’m just a rider so I can’t decide where I go to race or not. But for me, it’s unacceptable to race here. It’s very far from being at the level of MotoGP. It’s a disaster this tarmac.” Espargaro stressed that resurfacing should be mandatory if MotoGP is to return in 2021.

“I don’t think we allow any circuits to go more than 7 years now (without being resurfaced) so we’re nearly double that. I don’t know how these guys have managed to keep it under the radar! It’s something that definitely needs to be considered if they are going to extend the agreement to have the championship back here in 12 months.”

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