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Dovizioso: "I am confident that I can get a good result" - Everything Moto Racing

Dovizioso: “I am confident that I can get a good result”

Andrea Dovizioso is confident that the strengths of the Ducati will suit Brno, but states that solely this ‘won’t be enough’ to catch Yamaha.

Dovizioso is under pressure from Ducati to perform to catch up to the Yamaha’s in one of the most open championship seasons we will ever see. The Yamaha duo of Quartararo and Vinales currently sit in P1 and P2 overall in the standings, Dovizioso will be looking to capitalise on the absence of Marquez to close the gap to the front with Ducati’s eyes on their first title since 2007.

The red missile was beaten across the weekend by the Pramac duo of Miller and Bagnaia who crashed and suffered mechanical issues in the Andalusia GP with Bagnaia missing out of his first podium.

Bagnaia’s form is giving himself a front-row seat to a new deal, potentially with the factory Ducati team, pending on the outcome of Dovizioso and Ducati’s talks.

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