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Moto3 Andalucia: Tatsuki Suzuki wins the Moto3 race - Everything Moto Racing

Moto3 Andalucia: Tatsuki Suzuki wins the Moto3 race

Following from his third consecutive pole position of the year, Tatsuki Suzuki converts it into a win at the AndaluciaGP

The Japanese rider won the race just 0.064 faster than John McPhee who was unlucky enough to crash out of last weekends race.

Sky VR46 Moto3 rider and 2019 rookie of the year Celestino Vietti took home the last podium spot before smashing his bottle of champagne on the podium.

It was a fantastic and typical Moto3 race with lots of battles and crashes. 2 x race winner and title leader Albert Arenas crashed out of the race in spectacular fashion, you can watch the crash here.

Rookie Jeremy Alcoba finished incredibly close to the podium in P4 but lost this place to P7 thanks to a long lap penalty which was not taken.

Darryn Binder was also very disappointed to only take home P4 after a valiant race starting from P25.

See the full race results below:

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