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WorldSBK Navarra FP2: Toprak Razgatlıoğlu leads Ducati and Yamaha train - Everything Moto Racing

WorldSBK Navarra FP2: Toprak Razgatlıoğlu leads Ducati and Yamaha train

Ducati and Yamaha dominated their way in FP2 at Navarra.

It was Yamaha and Ducati who dominated the top six in the FP2 session at Navarra with the fastest time of the session going to Toprak Razgatlıoğlu whose time wasn’t an improvement on this morning’s FP1 session which saw himself, Redding, and Rea break into the 1:37 lap times. Toprak’s FP2 session leading time would’ve placed him sixth overall in FP1, the field clearly using this afternoon’s session to gather important data ahead of tomorrow’s Race One.

Following just behind Toprak were the two Ducati riders of Scott Redding then Michael Ruben Rinaldi who were split by a mere 0.050 seconds, the duo were not the only Ducati’s in the top six however with Chaz Davies not far off in sixth place, the Welshman put together a strong session this morning also in sixth place and was the second-fastest independent rider this afternoon at the Basque circuit.

In fourth place was Andrea Locatelli, the Yamaha rider leading the session’s fastest independent rider Garrett Gerloff in fifth place. Locatelli has consistently shown huge flashes of speed this season with Navarra being no exception to this rule, if he can break past one of the normal top three of ‘Rea, Redding and Razgatlıoğlu’ he could easily challenge for a podium this weekend.

Finally in seventh and eighth place we got to see some variety with the KRT boys of Jonathan Rea then Alex Lowes split by just 0.009 seconds, the Kawasaki riders focusing on feeling and setup over a fast lap time knowing that Rea has pace here after leading this morning’s FP1 session with pace a full second quicker than this afternoons FP2 P7 time.

Rounding off the top 10 were Tom Sykes then Axel Bassani, the Motocorsa Ducati rider a consistent top 10 finisher this season across many sessions and races.

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