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Moto3 Jerez RACE: Pedro Acosta does it again!! - Everything Moto Racing

Moto3 Jerez RACE: Pedro Acosta does it again!!

Pedro Acosta has won his third consecutive Moto3 race with a 51 point lead.

There’s not much you can say about Pedro Acosta which hasn’t already been said, he is an incredible talent and retains his 100% podium record in Moto3 which is unheard of from a rookie with now three race wins under his belt. He went into the weekend with a 31 point lead meaning he could DNF and stay atop the standings, instead, he’s gone and extended it to 51 points meaning he can now crash out of the next two races and continue with the title lead, this huge buffer after just four rounds places him as a clear title favourite and barring too many mistakes he can now cruise to the title if he can continue this form. For reference the last ever lightweight class rookie champion was Loris Capirossi in 1990.

Joining him on the podium are Romano Fenati and Jeremy Alcoba, they were promoted onto the box after a large crash at the last corner caused by Deniz Oncu who was battling for the race win. Unfortunately for Oncu it means he continues his woes taking just 1 point all season long after four races, he crashed desperately trying to take the full 25 haul here in Jerez taking down Jaume Masia and Darryn Binder with him. Alcoba had an unreal race taking P3 overall after completing not one but two long lap penalties, mega impressive rider.

Andrea Migno took the P4 spot which is another solid result after being fired out of the saddle at the last corner and very nearly crashing, great recovery from the Italian who finished ahead of Ayumu Sasaki in P5.

Carlos Tatay is also showing what he’s made of, he came into the class with much prestige in 2020 but hasn’t hit the mark he set for himself in the Red Bull Rookies and Junior World Championship but finally we are seeing the talent show through the cracks taking P6 after a long lap penalty, he finishes ahead of another rider who is impressing. Jason Dupasquier didn’t take a single point last year, this year he’s consistently on fire with a seventh-placed finish today, the Swiss rider is showing much promise and we are excited to see what’s to come.

At last Xavier Artigas finishes a race, after crashing in Qatar and being knocked off in Doha and Portimao he takes home a ninth-placed finish at last, he is another incredibly strong rider and long may the points scoring finishes continue, he was ahead of Ryusei Yamanaka in P10.

Further down the order John McPhee continues with his 0 points-scoring finishes after crashing on lap one with Gabriel Rodrigo decking it from P1, once again crashing when he shows promise.

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Featured image – Red Bull KTM Ajo