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MotoGP Future Talent: David Alonso - Everything Moto Racing

MotoGP Future Talent: David Alonso

15-year-old Columbian David Alonso is one of the fastest up and coming riders.

David Alonso is a 15-year-old rider born in Madrid racing under a Columbian nationality, he is 14 at the time of writing (24th April) but he celebrates his 15th birthday tomorrow on the 25th April and there’s not many better ways to celebrate than with racing, he is currently at Estoril with the FIM CEV Moto3 Junior World Championship racing in the Moto3 class as a rookie for the Aspar Team, the young rider already boasts an incredibly impressive racing CV and hopes to bolster this even more in 2021.

Already he has got many people talking about him and pipping him to be the next big thing, we are no exemption to this, he is helped by the fact that he is in the Aspar Team who won the 2020 European Talent Cup, FIM CEV Moto3 Junior World Championship and the Moto3 Junior World Championship. He has the pathway laid out in front of him into the world championship with the team also having a Moto2 team in their ranks, but he must prove that he is worthy of a seat in one of the toughest championships in the world because the World Championship is no joke.

Year on year he grows as a rider, strengthening his skills, sharpening his mind and taking the necessary steps to become a world champion, he already looks to be on the path to glory. You see, he has the spark inside of him which many riders lack, he has the drive and he has the motivation to push himself harder than any other rider to achieve his goals, he is naturally gifted with this talent and is winning races wherever he goes. Sometimes there is a rider who comes through who just has ‘it‘ it’s hard to describe what ‘it‘ is, but when you look at riders like Joan Mir who also has ‘it‘, you can hopefully understand where I am coming from.

ETC champion Alonso (left) with Moto3 champion Guevara (middle) and Moto2 champion Montella (right). 

Rewinding back to 2019 he made his debut in the European Talent Cup with the Aspar team after winning the CEV RMU 85GP championship again with the Aspar Team, he has a long relationship with the team who are promoting him internally year by year through the classes with the team having strong foundations in the lower classes of racing all the way through to the Moto2 World Championship. In his rookie ETC season he had a very impressive year finishing in P5 overall with 4 podiums to his name including 2 x P2 and 2 x P3, already showing glimpses of his talent.

Now 2020 was a year which he really stood out and showed everyone who was boss, he was selected to race in the prestigious Red Bull Rookies Cup alongside the ETC and came close to a title fight as a rookie in the class, he was battling away confidently against riders who were in the class above him in the CEV Moto3 class and he was beating them consistently, overall in the standings he finished in P4 as a rookie in the class ahead of riders such as Daniel Holgado, David Salvador, Billy Van Eerde who were all racing in the class ahead of him in the FIM CEV Repsol series, so you can understand why we think he is talented.

Alonso instantly adapted to the bigger rookies spec KTM RC250R and was able to juggle this bike and his ETC duties and was a consistent top 5 finisher in the Rookies Cup with a worst result of P5 in the season with 3 podiums to his name including a race win at Aragon, sadly some DNF’s and bad luck at the end of the season meant he had to settle for P4 overall but P2 in the standings was entirely possible.

Alonso donning the Columbian flag colours in the rookies.

He was also one of the riders to aid Aspar in doing their triple last year as he was the European Talent Cup champion beating second-placed Zonta van den Goorbergh by a massive 62 point advantage with only 1 DNF in 11 races, taking 5 x wins and 5 x second places in the other 10 races he finished, he completely dominated the class and showed many what he was made of in just his second year in the class.

His speed is undeniable, especially given he was able to pull off race wins in both the rookies and the ETC on two completely different bikes.

Moving to 2021 he has not stopped winning, he is racing in Estoril this weekend but moving backwards to last weekend in Portimao he was able to do the rookies double, taking the win in both races and now leads the championship with a bag full of 50 points already getting off to a perfect start to the season.

He is an incredibly talented rider and certainly one to watch, keep an eye out for him in Aspar Gas Gas red in the CEV Repsol Junior Moto3 World Championship and the Red Bull Rookies cup.

Featured images – Aspar Team (Main)

Red Bull (Rookies photo)

CEV Repsol (Champions)