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Moto3 Portimao RACE: Pedro Acosta takes stunning race win - Everything Moto Racing

Moto3 Portimao RACE: Pedro Acosta takes stunning race win

Pedro Acosta wins again in Moto3 opening up a 31 point lead in the class.

Pedro Acosta took a stunning second race win of the year winning two of his three debut races in the Moto3 World Championship after being crowned the 2020 Red Bull Rookies champion. Acosta has come into the class with fine form with a podium in every race he has raced with a P2 finish on his debut, now after 3 races in he is laying down the marker and proving to many that he’s a championship contender already and now leads the championship with a huge 31 point advantage after just 3 races meaning he can afford to get a DNF and still lead the standings.

He battled valiantly against Dennis Foggia looking like he was going to crash every single corner on the last lap of the race, skating and sliding around like a mad man, very Marc Marquez-esque. He was able to defeat the incredibly strong Foggia to take the victory despite Foggia’s massive speed advantage on the straights and his power in the last corner, Acosta is proving to be the real deal after just three races proving his form is absolutely not a fluke, he goes to Jerez next which is a track he knows very very well so watch out Moto3!

Andrea Migno finished the race in third place, a great finish for the Italian rider after taking pole position, he was forced to fight for it though battling with the likes of Sergio Garica, Jaume Masia and Gabriel Rodrigo, eventually Migno was victorious and takes home the silverware (bronzeware?) in third place ahead of Ayumu Sasaki who was just 0.029 seconds from a podium finish.

Another rider who impressed was Gabriel Rodrigo, he was involved in an accident with Xavier Artigas with Artigas hitting the deck very early on, Artigas was absolutely a contender for the win today but sadly was robbed of that, Rodrigo was forced to take a long lap penalty and fought his way back to P5 overall which is a great result for the Argentine rider who finished ahead of veteran duo Niccolo Antonelli and Romano Fenati in P7.

It was a sketchy last lap for Sergio Garcia who was also battling for the win, incredibly close to victory before a scary moment fired him out of the saddle, thankfully he was able to save it and finish in P8 ahead of Jaume Masia who suffered a very unfortunate crash on the last lap out of a podium finish but recovered to P9 with Ryusei Yamanaka capping off the top 10.

Further back it was an unreal display of riding skill from Jeremy Alcoba in P14 and Deniz Oncu in P15 who came from the pit lane with an additional 5-second penalty to finish inside of the points making up a lot of ground in the early stages of the race.

Full Results:

Featured image – Red Bull KTM Ajo