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Moto3 Doha FP3: Jason Dupasquier heads a sandy FP3 as Binder leads overall - Everything Moto Racing

Moto3 Doha FP3: Jason Dupasquier heads a sandy FP3 as Binder leads overall

Jason Dupasquier leads a largely uneventful Moto3 session in Doha.

The Moto3 FP3 session was lead by Swiss rider Jason Dupasquier with the lap times clocking in way off the pace due to additional heat on the track and high winds bringing lots of sand onto the track, this meant that many riders were unable to improve their lap times to give them a chance to get into the Q2 session later today, because of this it means Darryn Binder leads the timesheets overall and will be looking to break his own lap record in qualifying which he set last weekend.

Back to the FP3 times we saw Dennis Foggia in P2, he is one of 7 riders including Pedro Acosta, Riccardo Rossi, Sergio Garcia, Stefano Nepa, Deniz Öncü and Romano Fenati who have been penalised for riding slowly and irresponsibly in the FP2 session and will start tomorrows race from pit lane. John McPhee was third fastest overall in FP3 running 0.381 from Dupasquier in P1, McPhee leads a rookie duo of Izan Guevara and Xavier Artigas in P5, Artigas is to complete two long laps in tomorrows race due to the incident last weekend which caused three riders to crash out.

Niccolo Antonelli took P6 overall in the session ahead of Darryn Binder and Sergio Garcia on the Gas Gas who joins his teammate Guevara in the top 10. Rounding off the top 10 is Andrea Migno and Pedro Acosta, Acosta being the first rider to run in the 2:08 time bracket ahead of his teammate Masia in P11 who is 1 second off P1.

As mentioned the session was pretty much a write off for Moto3 with the combined times below being the ones that count, the riders down to P14 will be running in the Q2 session later on, everyone else including Dennis Foggia, Andrea Migno and Denis Oncu will have to fight their way out of Q1.

Full FP3 results:

Full combined results:

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