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Moto2 Qatar Test Results: Xavi Vierge leads as the top 6 finish within 0.100 - Everything Moto Racing

Moto2 Qatar Test Results: Xavi Vierge leads as the top 6 finish within 0.100

Xavi Vierge tops an incredibly competitive Moto2 session which saw the top 6 within 0.100 of P1.

The times in Moto2 hotted up during session 2 and 3 with Stefano Manzi the only rider on the track in session 1.

Moto2 never fails to stun everyone who watches it, every year the class gets more and more competitive with 2021 being no exception to this rule. The top 6 of the class were able to finish under 0.100 to Vierge in P1 with the top 19 covered by just 1.001 seconds! The top 6 also were able to break into the 1:58 times for the first time this year with the lap record being held by Joe Roberts in 2020 of 1’58.136.

Vierge set a lap time of 1’58.832 to lead a duo of Boscoscuro (Speed Up) Moto2 bikes with Aron Canet showing his speed in the class following an impressive rookie season, he finished the session 0.026 from Vierge, leading Navarro by just 0.030 by the end, the Boscoscuro chassis showing clear outright speed and its ability to be competitive this year which will play incredibly well into the hands of its riders.

Remy Gardner was the rider in P4, the Australian led day 1 of testing and shows no signs of slowing down as he joins the exclusive club of 1:58 riders, he leads Jake Dixon in P5. Dixon has returned from injury and it’s like he never left, the British rider has instantly got back up to speed and is working incredibly well despite his career nearly ending due to the extent of his injuries.

The Petronas Duo of Xavi Vierge and Jake Dixon are looking incredibly competitive. 

Moto2 title contender Marco Bezzecchi was the last of the top 6 riders, his time of 0.089 meant he was just under the 1:58 barrier and is showing good signs as he heads into his third Moto2 season, the Italian rider looking to improve on last seasons unbelievable year.

Bo Bendsneyder was the first rider over the 0.100 mark, and the 0.200 and the 0.300, he finished in P7 with a time 0.353 from P1 and 0.264 from P6, Bo finds himself on the Moto2 grid despite signing a deal with the EAB Yamaha team in World Supersport, he rides for the Pertamina Mandalika SAG Team who offered him a lifeline he couldn’t refuse to remain in the class and ride with the Kalex chassis.

Rookie Raul Fernandez has wasted no time in Moto2 getting to grips with his Kalex, the multi Moto3 race winner and Junior Moto3 World Champion rides with Remy Gardner in the Red Bull KTM Ajo team and placed in P8 overall just 0.019 from Bendneyder, he led Sam Lowes by a minute margin of 0.007 as Joe Roberts also joins the club just 0.034 from Lowes in P10, Roberts’ time only 0.413 from P1.

Tony Arbolino is another rider aiming for the rookie of the year title, the Intact GP rider finished the day in P11 overall 0.528 from P1 ahead of Augusto Fernandez and fellow rookie Ai Ogura in P13.

Further down the order we saw Fabio Di Giannantonio place in P17, the Italian rider chasing his first Moto2 rookie after missing his chances last season due to some crashes.

As we look into the performance of the rookies we cannot forget Cameron Beaubier who is a 5 x MotoAmerica champion, the American finished the session only 1.001 from P1 and placed in P19 with Moto3 World Champion Albert Arenas just behind him in P20. Further down the order is FIM CEV Moto2 Champion Yari Montella in P27 leading Celestino Vietti in P29 and Barry Baltus in P30.

Full Results:

Featured images – Petronas SRT