MotoAmerica Rising Stars Spotlight: Keegan Brown

We spoke to rising star Keegan Brown about his career and future aspirations.

Keegan Brown caught the racing bug at an early age, first throwing a leg over at the age of 6. Brown has ridden in many local and regional competitions and has done well each time out. For 2021 he makes the jump to the national championship stage and will contest the Sport Bike Track Gear Junior Cup in MotoAmerica.

When did you start riding motorcycles?

When I was about 6 years old

What was the first bike you learned to ride on?

A Yamaha PW 50

What was the bike you first raced on?

An SSR 70

What was it about racing that appealed to you?

I loved the feeling of riding motorcycles and the adrenaline, but I also love the racing community and I would go as far to say I think of them like family.

What series did you race in over the past few years?

I started off in the frostbite and scorcher series at the Herrin compound then some races at south Florida miniGP and NC miniGP. After that I got into bigger bikes and started racing with moto gladiator and I’m still doing that as well as CCS and ASRA, and this year on top of that I will race in MotoAmerica (Junior Cup).

List your accomplishments in those series’ (podium, winner, etc)

Sadly, my mini wins were not recorded so I can’t list them off because I don’t remember. But I won a couple spec 50 championships at the Herrin compound and placed and won in a lot of spec 110 races. I got 3rd place in supersport 250 my first year then 2nd place in the 300 championship. This past season I won the amateur 400 championship and out of 42 races I won 28 and placed in another 10, and the rest where DNFs or paper problems.

Why the move to MotoAmerica Junior Cup this year?

Well, I’ve always wanted to race professionally and someday have racing as my job. With Junior Cup I am a pro as well as on a pro team. Also, Junior Cup is, in my eyes, a ladder to the next step to eventually making racing the only thing I do.

Goals for this season?

Because it’s my first season in Junior Cup I don’t want to put too much pressure on myself to win, but I have confidence in top 5 and maybe even some podium finishes this year. I’m on an amazing team and I have a great coach, so wins are definitely possible.

Biggest challenges for 2021?

I would say the biggest challenge for 2021 would be getting the funds to race and practice.

Ultimate goals in the sport? MotoGP? WSBK?

I would love to someday race in MotoGP, but I’m focused on doing great in MotoAmerica and making a name that people and future racers will look up to and remember.

Any racing heroes growing up?

Miguel Duhamel, Nicky Hayden, Aaron Yates, Josh Herrin.

Biggest influence on your career to this point?

Definitely my dad. He has worked harder than anyone I know to get me where I am today. He’s sold property, bikes, cars, and plenty more to try to fund racing. He’s had many late nights reaching out to people/companies. He’s always found a way to get me to the track or get me the bikes or parts I need to go racing. My dad is definitely my hero.

Featured images – Brian J Nelson