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MotoGP: Ducati aiming high with new rider line up - Everything Moto Racing

MotoGP: Ducati aiming high with new rider line up

Ducati’s unveiling of two new factory riders is the start of what they hope to be their best season yet.

Ducati begin the 2021 season looking to mount a challenge to the title with their youngest line up in years. Ducati have decided to take the popular route of youth over experience which has become the more favourable option in the last decade with riders like Marc Marquez and Fabio Quartararo instantly impressing at just 20 years old.

For 2021 the factory team will run one of their youngest ever line ups of Jack Miller and Francesco Bagnaia who are 26 and 24 years old respectively. Both riders have completed at least two seasons with the Bologna factory in the Pramac squad and Ducati have promoted internally moving both riders into the factory team in 2021 with both riders scoring podiums in 2020.

Ducati’s approach to this new challenge is the belief that they can continue to nurture the talent of these incredibly fast riders by giving them all the tools to be able to do the job, being a factory rider means you have a lot more access to development and the ability to make major decisions about the bike to evolve it.

With Miller’s consistent progression since he joined the Pramac team in 2018 which included 4 podiums in 2020 finishing in P7 overall, this added aid of being able to develop the bike to suit his needs may be enough to give him that extra 10% to consistently fight for wins and even the title as Andrea Dovizioso has done so in the past for the team.

Their goal of winning the title remains the same, with Bagnaia who is the 2018 Moto2 World Champion in the team, it gives them the advantage of having a rider in their roster who knows how to win a title and has done so in the past, once again with these extra aids of development at his fingertips, he will also be able to transform the bike the way he wants to which will give him the best feel for the bike and enable him to achieve more podiums and even victories in the class.

Claudio Domenicali, Ducati CEO: “It is always a great emotion to start a new racing season, which as always we face with dedication and incredible passion, driven by the support of the Ducatisti all over the world. We start strong after winning the Constructors’ World Title last year, despite the complexities that have forced us to overcome obstacles and situations that we have never experienced before. In 2021 there are many novelties, starting with the riders: Jack Miller and Pecco Bagnaia. They are now the young riders of our official team after gaining experience with the Pramac Racing Team.

Jack Miller: “The emotions I felt seeing my all-red Desmosedici and wearing my new suit for the first time were incredible! I still have to realize that I’ll be part of the official Ducati Team this year. It’s taken a long way to get this far, and finally being “in red” gives me a great sense of satisfaction, but also the right motivation to continue working with commitment and dedication towards my future goals. I am looking forward to this new adventure and will try to get some important results this season”.

Francesco Bagnaia: “This will be a significant season for me because for the first time I’ll be wearing the colours of an official team. I’m proud to have achieved this first goal, and this year I will set my sight on even greater results. It has always been my dream to become part of the official Ducati Team. I will try my best not to disappoint any expectations. I’m sure I have all that I need to be competitive right from the start and aim high”.

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