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MotoGP: Fausto Gresini's conditions still serious - Everything Moto Racing

MotoGP: Fausto Gresini’s conditions still serious

Fausto Gresini’s conditions are still serious in hospital with COVID-19.

Fausto Gresini showed signs of improvement late last week after suffering with COVID-19 and low blood oxygen levels, however last weekend he suffered a high fever which has sent his condition into a downward trend. Previous to this he was described as being “awake, very cooperative and can do physiotherapy” in hospital after being awoken from a medically induced coma, his condition remained ‘stable but serious’.

Before his COVID-19 diagnosis Gresini had no serious underlying medical conditions, yet the virus’ impact has meant he has been in hospital since 27th December. Following from some improvements including consciousness and taking part in a video call with his daughter he now remains sedated after his conditions worsened.

A statement from Dr Nicola Cilloni at the Maggiore Carlo Alberto Pizzardi hospital in Bologna says, “Fausto’s general conditions are unfortunately still serious. The lungs hit hard by the disease and by an overlapping infection are able to give oxygen to the blood only and aided by the mechanical ventilation machine. It is still necessary to keep Fausto asleep almost always to allow the mechanical fan to work properly. When he is periodically awakened, he is conscious and combative”.