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Moto3: Japanese rider Ryusei Yamanaka confirmed to Prustel GP - Everything Moto Racing

Moto3: Japanese rider Ryusei Yamanaka confirmed to Prustel GP

Ryusei Yamanaka will ride for the Prustel GP Moto3 team for 2021 next to Jason Dupasquier.

Ryusei Yamanaka will move from the Estrella Galicia Moto3 where he rides a Honda to the Prustel GP KTM Moto3 set up, replacing the outgoing Baltus Barry. Yamanaka boasts impressive CEV Moto3 and Red Bull Rookies results.

Originally Pedro Acosta signed for the team with a merge of the MT77 Foundation team, however, this has fallen through with Acosta expected to be official at Red Bull KTM Ajo this weekend. This, combined with Estrella Galicia pulling their sponsorship out of the Monlau Competition team opened up a spot for Ryusei Yamanaka to move to the team for 2021.

Florian Prüstel, Team Principal: We are very happy to welcome Ryusei Yamanaka to our team! He will be Jason Dupasquier’s teammate. They both arrived at the Moto3 World Championship paddock in their first season and can build on that in the next season. This is important because it is how you have got to know almost every race track and you have already gained experience in the World Cup. Due to some circumstances that did not depend on us, we had to change the plan for the coming season. Yamanaka showed good potential in its first year and immediately won us over. He gets a one-year contract with an option for a second year. We’re looking ahead, we’re now putting the team together completely. We look forward to working with this new pair of drivers.

Ryusei Yamanaka: After driving 3 years of experience in the Asian Talent Cup and 2 years in the Redbull Rookies Cup, I made my debut in the Moto3 FIM CEV with the Estrella Galicia 0.0 team. It was a big challenge for me to leave my family in Japan and move to Europe. But I have improved a lot in my riding skills and have grown professionally. This rookie year in the Moto3 World Championship was difficult for me and I learned that I still have a few points to improve. It was an amazing experience, but the time was right to take a step forward. The PrüstelGP team gave me the opportunity to participate in their project and I am really happy because I know they are a top team. I remember very well 2018 when the team fought for the 2018 World Cup. I am sure they will give me the chance to keep improving. I’ve ridden the Moto-3 KTM in the past and know the bike. It will be a nice challenge to show my potential in the next season. I am very grateful for this opportunity and I would like to thank the PrüstelGP team and all sponsors for their trust.

Featured image – Prustel GP

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